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Mental training - fear of failure

For many people, exams, public appearances, a competition or job interviews are the purest horror trip.

The good news: Fear of failure and stage fright can be quickly and effectively dealt with using modern mental techniques. I have helped countless athletes and executives to overcome their mental blocks, to deal more calmly with stress and challenges in order to achieve their goals with confidence.


Free online conversation

(30 minutes) to discuss your concerns and answer questions.

In a free conversation

(30 minutes) we discuss your concerns and clarify open questions.



Entry into mental training and location determination. Getting to know a technique that can be implemented immediately in the short term for a goal/upcoming challenge.




In my workshop Mental Training you will learn the most important basics and techniques of mental training, which you can use immediately anytime and anywhere.


Individually tailored to your needs. Because every person is as unique as their fingerprint.

In 1:1 coaching, I look with you specifically at what you need to overcome your mental blockages and fear of failure. You will train your mental strength, which will help you to achieve your personal goal.


Coaching is solution-oriented, we focus on your desired goal and the desired result. It supports the ability for self-reflection and thus offers help for self-help.

Your coach is your GPS and shows you perspectives and possibilities so that you can reach your goal as quickly as possible!

learning goal

  • Mental programming for challenging situations (such as exams, conversations, competitions, speaking in front of an audience, etc.)

  • Dissolve negative, limiting beliefs / blockages

  • Store positive beliefs

  • Increase in self-confidence

  • Dealing with stress

  • motivation booster

  • learn relaxation techniques

  • Dealing with stressful emotions

  • improvement in sleep quality

  • achieve your personal goal


learning content

  • The best mental techniques from top-class sport

  • Individual, mental programming for challenging situations (such as exams, conversations, speaking in front of an audience, etc.)

  • visualization techniques

  • Develop serenity and inner peace

  • Train concentration and focus

  • Consciously control and regulate thoughts and emotions

  • relaxation techniques

  • Valuable tips and tools that you can integrate directly into your everyday life


Depending on the goal and progress

In 1:1 I stay by your side until you are well prepared and can access your positive resources at any time to achieve your goal.


You do not want to lose any time and work directly on your individual goals?

Then 1:1 coaching is the right thing for you!

Anker 1

Catherine L

Sandra uses the best solution-oriented methods from professional athletes. She immediately understands how to respond to individual issues and always manages that I finish the coaching session highly motivated and with a smile on my face. Sandra's approach is one of a kind!

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