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Mental coaching process

Coaching is a process that can be divided into different individual phases.

Contact / get to know each other

Initial phone call:

Checking mutual expectations

Clarify framework conditions

Challenges / coaching goal

Cooperation agreement



Target setting / actual-target analysis

Clarification of the current situation
Status quo, where are you today?

Goals and intermediate steps (milestones) are agreed upon as binding

Identify possible obstacles
How do you measure your success?
Possible other goals 
Concrete elaboration is the basis for effective change 


Change process

The “actual” coaching,1:1 on site or via video call
Use of expertise and targeted methods

Consciously approach and implement the previously worked out goals and changes

Identify and overcome possible blockages

Define clear measures

Define exercises and tasks for everyday life

Changes become tangibly visible


Implementation support

In the practical implementation of the session content into everyday life, unforeseen and unpredictable hurdles often arise.
In this phase, the client receives additional support and motivation from the coach.

Ensure sustainable success


Goal analysis

Were the joint interventions satisfactory and effective?

Have the defined measures brought the desired success?

What else might be necessary to achieve the goal?


Follow-up / securing transfer 

In the first 3 months after completion of the coaching, a review takes place to see whether the integration of the changes into everyday life has been sustainably successful or if further support is needed.

Together for success!

Coaching is solution-oriented and at eye level.

The coach gives suggestions and optimizes the process quality, a coach is not a consultant and not a problem solver. Rather, his or her task is to support the coachee in solving the upcoming problem situations independently and further personal development.

The establishment of a culture of trust between coach and coachee, which is characterized by openness, direct feedback, and voluntariness, is crucial for success.

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