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Personal growth is the purpose. It's not a destination, it's a lifelong process.
Your mindset determines your success!

The result of my work enables you to reach your goal in the shortest way possible. You will live a happier, healthier, meaningful life and will be more successful. Changing your narrative and mindset is not rocket science - let me show you how!

 In my coaching you will learn how to dissolve negative, limiting patterns and ways of thinking in order to achieve your personal best.
You will be able to use your subconscious in your favor, to achieve your goals 
You will learn efficient methods from high-performance sport to train your mental strength and resilience.
You will learn how to transform and p
erform at your personal best.

A coach is like a GPS - I will show you perspectives and possibilities to help you achieve your goal as fast as possible

  • Discover your individual values and needs to define your goals


  • Enhance your strengths and skills

  • Gain confidence and self-awareness 

  • Celebrate your uniqueness

  • Overcome hurdles or mental blocks and create a self-effective life

  • Minimize your stress level

  • Optimize your sleep

  • Relieve psychosomatic symptoms

  • Overcome fears (Fear of flying, phobias, exams, public appearances, etc.) 

  • Optimize your mental and physical health

  • Develop new perspectives and strategies to reach results, you have always been aiming for

  • Gain clarity about your mission and purpose

  • Get access to deep, personal fulfillment


Executive Coaching


Executives, entrepreneurs, and high potentials are constantly faced with new challenges in life. The world is becoming more complex, expectations are rising, and new directions have to be set. Besides our work, we also have a demanding personal life. Health issues can significantly reduce your performance and resilience. In challenging life situations it is almost impossible to reflect and develop new perspectives. As an experienced coach, I support you in creating clarity and releasing blockages in order to be able to perform at your best at all times.

Sport Coaching

Läufer Leichtathletik

You have everything you need, to win, and yet you suffer from fear of failure

An injury has thrown you off track and you are blocked? Learn ways to use your strengths and resources to win, and overcome mental blocks to access your full potential. Your emotions will no longer control you, but you will learn ways to regulate your emotions.

Mental Training is a game changer, ask Roger Federer!

Do you want to play Champions League? Let me show you how!

sandra künzler mental coach

Sandra Künzler

 „Who am I and what drives me, or how to become the greatest version of myself?“



  • You are facing a professional challenge.

  • You will take on new leadership tasks.

  • You are unsatisfied with your professional situation.

  • You feel stressed and sometimes overwhelmed?

  • You suffer from sleep disorders.

  • You suffer from a lack of self-confidence

  • You want to learn the best self-marketing



  • You would like to learn how to effectively 

        handle conflicts with colleagues or superiors.


  • You suffer from fear of failure.

  • You want to release mental blockages to achieve

        your personal best performance.

  • You have a sports goal in mind and want to work on

        your mental strength.

  • You want to learn highly effective relaxation techniques.

  • You want to excel not only in training but also in competition.

  • You want to optimize your mental and physical recovery.

  • You want to get into flow state and achieve peak performance.


I would use Sandra Künzler's coaching again straight away. With her direct, honest and very emphatic manner and the right questions, she helped me to make difficult and very important decisions. She has a very broad repertoire of know-how, exercises and techniques and also gave me a lot for the time after the coaching. Thank you very much! 

private customer


Ich, eine zielstrebige, junge Frau arbeite in einem int. Grossunternehmen. Durch den stetigen Druck, kombiniert mit meinen hohen Selbst-Ansprüchen, konnte ich meine Arbeit nicht mehr effizient erledigen und mein Ziel fokussiert verfolgen.
Sandra war für mich die idealste Ansprechsperson, weil sie nicht nur ein super Coach ist sondern mit der Branche, in der ich arbeite, vertraut war. Sie hat die richtigen Fragen gestellt und mir damit geholfen meine Blockaden & Ängste zu erkennen, zu verarbeiten und mit Übungen auch geholfen diese zu bewältigen. Durch Sandra konnte ich mir die Frage "wer bin ich, wer will ich sein und wie komme ich dahin?" beantworten. Ich würde Sandra allen (auch jungen Leuten) wärmstens empfehlen!

Vanessa / Sales Director

Sandra tailor-made a program target to achieve clearly defined goals. I was particularly impressed with how effective the methods applied by Sandra worked for me personally. At the end of the program, I feel that all the goals that were set have been achieved and in the process, I have felt benefits that go beyond what was initially intended. Sandra made sure that I have certain tools and techniques that I can continue to train and use for further personal development going forward. Based on my personal experience I can highly recommend the services of Sandra Künzler.  

Executive Financial Industry


I would like to thank you again. It makes me happy that I now see my daily challenge as an opportunity and not as a burden! You helped me to realize this and I will never forget it! You are a great role model for me with your cheerful, motivating and upbeat manner! Also, when I'm having a bad day, I often think back to our sessions and what advice you would give me. This already puts a smile on my face and things are looking up again :)

I am infinitely grateful that I was allowed to walk my path with you!  

Tanja A. / branch manager

What I appreciate about Sandra Kuenzler Coaching is that she put her heart, blood and soul into the work. At the same time, she gave me time and space when I needed it. With her unique empathy and contagious optimism, Sandra Kuenzler encouraged me to tackle some obstacles again, which ultimately led to the goal. When the situation seems hopeless, her strength is in not letting go and following up relentlessly  until the client has achieved what can be achieved. 
I am very grateful to have found Sandra Kuenzler as a coach and person!  

Catherine C. / Creative Director  



Sandra convinced me with her versatile, well-founded and broad know-how and her professional, efficient and trustworthy coaching techniques. She quickly recognizes the topic and is very good at responding to people. The experience with hypnosis was very exciting, liberating and helpful. Thanks to her holistic coaching offer, she supports various mental issues and supplements them with important inputs on nutrition and exercise. I will be very happy to come back. Thank you for everything, dear Sandra.

Sandra takes a holistic approach and sees people as a whole. Her extensive knowledge and her positive and solution-oriented approach have helped me to create clarity in my life and to listen to my intuition. I never thought that I would gain so much quality of life through coaching. I can only recommend Sandra to everyone.

Sandra Künzler is not only an outstanding coach, but thanks to her international career she also knows the challenges in companies. Working with her was very valuable for me, she knows how to ask the right questions and such  Dissolve limiting unconscious patterns. The coaching helped me to focus on my goals and to achieve them. I still work with her as she is the ideal sparring partner for me.

As an ambitious athlete, I knew how important mental training is to be able to tap full potential. Nevertheless, I would never have believed how quickly I can change my mindset and how important it is to be able to fade out everything around you at the right moment in order to find strength and peace within. Sandra showed me several techniques that helped me to relax and to visualize my success. The mental training has helped me to believe in myself again and to perform at my personal best, when it counts. In addition to the qualifying in the last competition, working with Sandra was a lot of fun!

Nik M. / Entrepreneur and Triathlete


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