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The workshops are holistic programs that support your company in its BGM.


95% of all illnesses are caused by stress

1/3 of the labor force indicates that they are stressed at work

The productivity losses caused by stress cost employers in Switzerland CHF 6.5 billion, equivalent to about 1% of GDP.


Employers are challenged, but in some cases also overtaxed. Fresh fruit, table football in the break room, massage and yoga at work often do not lead to the desired success.

Studies prove the following positive effects of Mindfulness at Work:


Reduction of the cortisol level in the body and thus minimization of the stress level

Less fluctuation and absenteeism of employees  

Promotion of cognitive abilities, leading to a clear increase in productivity

Promotion of team spirit and motivation 

Increased employee satisfaction


My tailor-made programs and tools reach all employees and are easy to implement in everyday life. I understand BGM as a process and see me as a sparring partner on the way to sustainable and long-term success in your company.

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