• Sandra Künzler

Mental training in sport

Mental training in sport is the key to success, and contributes significantly to the achievement of your goals, no matter whether it is a personal best, an increase in performance or weight loss. Top athletes like Roger Federer or Lara Gut say very clearly that 80% of their success depends on their mental strength in competition. In addition to physical performance (strength, endurance, speed, mobility and coordination), the psychological component plays a crucial role.


Self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence are poison for your mental strength. We set ourselves ambitious goals, but doubt them again shortly after. In our mind we set a downward spiral of bad thoughts in motion and limit ourselves - our subconscious is programmed for failure.


With mental training you use the power of your thoughts to change your life for the better! Negative thoughts are gradually replaced by positive thinking.

You learn to believe in yourself and you become aware of your personal strengths and program your mind for success.


Use your mental imagination as a mental help for maximum athletic performance. It doesn't matter if you want to lift weights in the gym, do a demanding yoga pose or are about to have an important competition.

Whatever you want to achieve - imagine it! Visualize your goal several times a day and celebrate your success!


Body and mind are one. Mental training and physical relaxation always go hand in hand. Stress and sleep disorders have a direct effect on your physical and mental performance. Listen to your body, signals such as tension, pain or rapid exhaustion are the first signs that something is out of balance and often a silent cry for help. Through mental training we sharpen our awareness and are able to better perceive negative physical or mental changes. Therefore relaxation is just as important as tension! Give both your body and your mind regular breaks to completely regenerate. Besides physical training, the training of the "mental muscle" is essential. I have helped top triathletes, tennis players and golf players to overcome their mental blocks to unleash their full potential. In my coaching you will learn to train your mental strength, to achieve a state of physical and mental relaxation and to visualize your success. Mental training is the most powerful weapon in your game to outperform your competition. You deserve the greatest version of you - let's start now!

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